(2012-02-16) Local Sister Sites Hack

Thinking about doing a hack of Sister Sites just for this space

  • pick the Sister Sites I'm interested in
  • generate a static chunk of text (WikiText? HTML?) for each page on my WikiLog, stick in the File System
  • render that chunk as part of each page delivery (skipping some pages like for DisQus integration, and handling no-matches case)
  • also, as part of this, want to change InterWiki link rendering here.
  • update pretty rarely

Note that in MoinMoin, within a WikiSpace, the File System structure is /pages/{PageName}/ which then includes edit-log, current (which just contains the current-version-number) plus subdirectories revisions and cache.

Probably hacky architecture

  • generate 1 big file of all raw lists on my Lap Top, upload it to server
    • may use SQLite for to store space/page pairs for easy incremental adjusting, then have render function
  • run app on server that splits the big file into the page-specific pieces and writes those into the page directories

Update: I should probably do something equivalent for my Private Wiki to show me at least the Twin Pages on my WikiLog. Would have to render differently since my Private Wiki engine is PikiPiki, which has no InterWiki syntax.

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