(2012-03-29) Fbreader Highlights Control

Somehow I missed that FBReader (for Android, at least) now lets you select arbitrary chunks of text to Excerpt. You have to hold your initial press down a bit long, so it's possible I've been running a version with that feature but not noticing it. I've been just settling for the "BookMark the first sentence of the paragraph" feature which is much less cool. You can

  • copy to clipboard (which I could paste into a FlickNote page - 2011-07-20-ArchosAndroid[[Private Wiki]] - and later on Lap Top paste into WikiLog);
    • select
    • pick "copy to clipboard" button
    • long-press Home button, switch to FlickNote
    • pick relevant note (if reading often will be near top of list, else have to search!)
    • dbl-click in note to edit. Move to position. Long-press, Paste. (Edit for WikiWord or whatever.) Back-arrow to leave edit-mode.
    • long-press again to return to FBReader
    • to get into WikiLog, remember periodically to synch FlickNote, edit in Private Wiki browser, edit/paste in WikiLog.
  • send to a Sharing target (so I could email each chunk to myself to later paste into WikiLog)
    • select
    • pick Share, pick email
    • enter my email address, send
    • on Lap Top, open email, copy/paste to WikiLog (or Private Wiki) page. (Edit for WikiWord or whatever.)
    • (this is how I Share BookMark-s with myself from tablet or phone to Lap Top - often I lose track of those emails!)
  • highlight in color
  • save as a BookMark (which FBReader stores in SQLite - which I could theoretically copy over to Lap Top then export/copy/paste).

Will probably go with FlickNote approach.

Just tried equivalent process on a Kindle book (bought because not available for Nook).

  • select text, pick Highlight
  • later, go to MyKindleHighlights page, find notes for this book (note each links to a Book Server-type view!)
  • copy paste whole page of highlights into Text Wrangler, do some regexp to remove irrelevant bits of text
  • copy/paste into WikiLog/Private Wiki. (Edit for WikiWord or whatever.)
  • wow that's lots easier
  • on the other hand, Barnes And Noble doesn't seem to support any shared highlighting at all!

See related 2011-10-26-JohnsonFindings.

Hmm, going through this is nudging me to bring together My Book Reading Process notes...

Too bad none of these methods bring along a link to a Paragraph Addressable chunk on a Book Server...

May24 update: Argh, I'm pretty sure the FBReader metadata.db file on Android isn't accessible unless you root the device! Seeking confirmation/solution...

  • if I can't get satisfaction I may need to switch to Man Tano with its Cloud functionality ($5 for app plus $10/yr for cloud).

I really want both Highlighting And Annotating.

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