(2013-11-01) Kindle App Killed On My Archos Tablet

I do all my book reading as EBook-s on my old Archos70 Tablet.

I mostly use MoonReader to read EPub-s I buy from Barnes And Noble.

But I also buy some Amazon Kindle books.

The other day I tried doing an Update of the Kindle app in the AppStore. It said "this version isn't compatible with your device". Not totally shocked, this thing is running Android 2.2.1, and there's no newer version available.

But last night I rebooted my tablet. And now the Kindle app is totally gone! And it looks like there's no old version available to re-download!

Archos says: that's a 3rd party app, nothing we can do.

Amazon says: we have no option here to downgrade the version for Kindle for android reading app. When I push back...

  • has me Uninstall on the Tablet
  • Deregister via the website
  • go to Google Play (AppStore) - I don't have that app since Google doesn't support these old tablets. But trying the Google Play website.
  • which is unusable on my Tablet - incredibly slow, and layout (CSS hell) is hostile
  • try looking into Google Play on my Lap Top - it shows only 1 registered device, which is my HTC One S phone. Have no idea how I'd register my Tablet if it doesn't have a Google Play app on it....
  • so on both the laptop and tablet it says the Kindle app is "installed" and gives me no way to do anything.
  • trying to register my tablet with Google, go into tablet Settings/Accounts. But when I pick Add Account, the only type choices it gives me are Twitter, Corporate, and FlickNote. No Google!
  • Therefore I can't download anything from Google Play onto this tablet.

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