(2013-12-25) Bought Nexus7

My old Archos70 has been getting slower and clunkier as apps get updated, and it's orphaned (Android before Google blessed it for Tablet-s), and my Kindle app got wiped/orphaned (2013-11-01-KindleAppKilledOnMyArchosTablet), so I bought myself a Nexus Seven for XMas.

Between the Google AppStore pointing to apps I have on my HTC One S, and Amazon AppStore pointing to apps I have on my Archos70, it was easy to synch up the hand-ful of apps and their data (oh that long InstaPaper backlist).

My biggest fear was that MoonReader wouldn't give me a real/working way to migrate my EBook HighLight-s, but the Back Up/Restore function via Drop Box worked like a charm, without having to even install any Drop Box client in either tablet. Huzzah!

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