Nexus Seven

aka Nexus7

Android Tablet I bought Dec'2013. 2013-12-25-BoughtNexus7

The 2013 supposedly fixed a lot of complaints about the original 2012 version. 2012-06-27-GoogleAsusNexus7Tablet

=== Problems Feb11'2015 ===

It was just sitting asleep, when suddenly I noticed the Google screen being on. I left it alone, and it never got past there after a couple minutes.

I tried the hold-power restart a couple times, always getting stuck at the Google screen.

I tried holding down power with both volume buttons but that did nothing.

I tried holding down Power plus Down-Volume and it brought up the menu options. Selected "Restart bootloader" then "Start" and just got the Google screen again.

Try "Recovery mode". Stuck at Google screen again, never get to the image of an Android robot with a red exclamation mark and the words "No command." (at 14:52 - going to just let it sit there)! Update 15:30 - still stuck, do shut-down.

Feb12: doing support Chat with Google

  • Since I bought it at Office Max, It just means the warranty is handled by the manufacturer rather than Google. The best course of action will be to reach out to Asus directly at 1-888-678-3688 to explore options outside your Google warranty.

Try going to AsUs website for support, can't create ticket because their form doesn't include Nexus in required-pulldown options!

  • so I tweeted at them to complain and they gave me an email to send in info to. So I did (10:30).

Feb13: have gotten no response, tweeter suggested re-sending email, so I do.

Feb15: still no response, re-send email again, removing link to this page in case that's getting it flagged as spam.

Feb16: got response suggesting I send it in. There is a possibility that your operating system is corrupted. Warranty is only 1yr so I asked what this would end up costing me.

  • also wondering if I should just try doing this myself.

Feb17: trying that Unbricking process linked just above

  • for factory image pick razor-lrx22g-factory-bff2093e.tgz which is the "Razor 5.0.2 (LRX22G)" choice, which is the newest.
    • should I have picked something else? The latest 4x?
  • when get to erase boot step gives me erasing 'boot' then just seems to sit there like it's running forever. Try ctl-c and try again, same result.
  • go through the other erase... steps with same results at each (so do ctl-c and move on)
  • try oem unlock: now get line with ... then nothing happens (ctl-c)
  • try fastboot -w update imag... step - empty-cursor line again.... (ctl-c)
  • try fastboot reboot bootloader and get back usage: fastboot [ <option> ] <command> with lots of options
  • ah, do fastboot reboot-bootloader get rebooting into bootloader... then nothing happens. (So far tablet has never rebooted, still showing original fastboot mode) (so ctl-c)
  • try fastboot reboot get rebooting... then nothing happens
  • since still in fastboot mode, hit Power button to "Restart bootloader", which immediately comes back to screen/menu (as it was doing before starting this Unbricking process). So now pick "Recovery mode" which brings me back to frozen Google screen again. Getting back to fastboot and picking "Start" does same thing.
  • start looking at this process
    • try doing fastboot oem unlock again - this time get the confirmation screen on the device! Hit Vol-Up to select Yes, hit Power... nothing happens, seems frozen. After 2min resort to hard-shutdown. Then go back into fastboot, still says locked.
  • so go back to original Unbricking instructions.
    • try erase boot again but with same results as before. Sigh.
  • Reboot into fastboot again. Try oem unlock as first step. Get confirmation (not sure why this works sometimes and not others). Choose Yes, hit Power. This time get some action on Terminal window: Unlocking bootloader... then erasing userdata... then nothing (and tablet screen still shows the Unlock confirmation screen.
    • This thread says "sometimes it just takes a while".
      • that thread also notes that you can get factory-refurb unit for little more than repair cost, so might just go that direction
      • but first will try with Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit (NRT).
        • argh no Mac version

Feb18: trying NRT

  • install Cross Over (WINE)
  • install NRT, launch
  • the "select the device you have" pulldown is empty
  • don't find any helpful info anywhere

Find this Mac-specific toolkit!

  • pick stock/unroot script, unzip, run, get {{{ checking version-bootloader... FAILED Device version-bootloader is 'FLO-04.04'. Update requires 'FLO-03.14'. Your device is now stock and unrooted However the bootloader is still unlocked Let your device boot up, set up your device or skip the set-up Place your phone in USB debugging mode Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging, If you don't have that option Use this guide: Connect USB cable if your disconnected }}}
  • hit Return (in Terminal), it does some other stuff, then says {{{ All done!! Press the power button to reboot your device }}}
  • hit Power, get frozen Google screen again

Apr10'2015: apparently I'm not the only one with this problem.

Apr25'2015: The tablet has been discontinued.

Maybe I'll try installing some other OS...

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