AIML, or Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, is an XML dialect for creating Natural Language software agents... The XML dialect called AIML was developed by Richard Wallace and a worldwide free software community between 1995 and 2002. AIML formed the basis for what was initially a highly extended ELIZA called "ALICE" ("Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity"), which won the annual Loebner Prize (Turing Test) Competition in Artificial Intelligence[3] three times, and was also the Chatter Box Challenge[4] Champion in 2004. Because the A.L.I.C.E. AIML set was released under the GNU GPL, and because most AIML interpreters are offered under a free or open source license, many "AliceBot clones" have been created based upon the original implementation of the program and its AIML knowledge base. Free AIML sets[5] in several languages have been developed and made available by the user community. There are AIML interpreters available in Java, Ruby, Python, C++, C#, Pascal, and other languages.

Tutorial by Richard Wallace.


Python: PyAIML


Sept06 - looking into various sets to load

  • reduction files simplify/combine lots of statements
  • mp*.aiml files are Mind Pixel bits which provide lots of yes/no answers
  • found an eliza.aiml file which I'll try by itself first. So copied to and loaded eliza.aiml file. Works.
  • now try something that loads lots of files...
    • this file from HOWIE looks promising, save as fatbot.aiml, copy to Don't even change directories in fatbot.aiml just out of curiosity.
    • Try load aiml a get You are not permitted to load AIML sets.
      • ah, use the Kernel.setPredicate() call to set the "secure" predicate to "yes" for any session that you wish to be secure.
      • added k.setBotPredicate("secure", "yes") - still get same response
      • moved those setBotPredicate lines above the k.learn("fatbot.aiml") line - still get same response
      • fix directories path in case that's breaking something - still get same response
      • Post question to Stack Overflow.
        • May24'2016: never got a response

Next: try running Reversed Aiml against Annoying Quote and Alien Intelligence pages to see how it works. Then against my whole Private Wiki.

(Another random idea: Bot can initiate conversation by suggesting CheckIn/Temperature Reading.)

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