Browser Based Ebook Reader

EBook reader (esp EPub) that uses the Web Browser rather than another Fat Client.

see 2009-11-31-EpubReaderForFirefox


Nov'2010 - see Books In Browsers for general meme and current specific Live Event.

== What's the difference between an EBook and a WebSite? ==

Available Off-Line. (This still matters because: people don't always have a network, and; buyers don't want to worry about a website going "out of business" after they've paid)

Packaged as coherent object for reader: starting point, Table Of Contents, makes sense if read in linear order (yes, HyperText books are counter-example)...

  • sticky version control: p1 doesn't change when you're on p20
    • actually, that's only true for some users/contexts - as a counterpoint, StorySpace was designed so that your story would change as you read it

Provide "standard" E Reader features: remember where you were; highlight (maybe add Annotation). Other?

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