Oct'2010 Live Event about EBook-s being readable in Web Browser-s vs dedicated devices/apps. See BrowserBasedEbookReader. Has become label for the general idea (see related Book Server).

BrewsterKahle keynote

available https://internetarchive.wordpress.com/2010/10/22/books-in-browsers-keynote-speech-by-brewster-kahle/

This (Printed Book) ecology meant that:

(Then he notes that BooksInBrowsers gets much closer to this than Books-in-Devices and Books-in-Apps. This kinda an OpenWeb story.)

Google’s promised Google Editions are going to be available in browsers. Amazon is putting its toe in the books-in-browser world with its recent beta. Star Bucks and Libre Digital’s recent announcement of best sellers readable in browsers when at a Starbucks. Ibis Reader, Book Glutton, Re Publish, SBook, and the Internet Archive are other emerging technologies for reading in browsers.

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