Open Source Hardware? WiFi Flash player

CEO Steve Tomlin

hardware/kernel guy: Andrew Shane Huang |announcement

Mar31'2008: closed series-B $12.5M

costing $180 for now?

for Household Wiki?

received Nov07

initial impressions

  • wow that's a tiny screen. And the default angle isn't facing-up enough to be nice to look at if you're standing up. It seems designed more to look over at when you're sitting at your desk.

  • jeez this seems like a stupid TV! You can't even "click through" (on any of the channels I have loaded) to get more detail (e.g. from weather forecast summary to more detail on just today, or from 1 Twitter entry to last-n from same person, etc.)

  • this seems almost like a bad compromise between a MiniITX Home Server and something from Ambient Devices...

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