Community Of 7000

from Alexander Patterns:

Decentralize city governments in a way that gives local control to communities of 5,000-10,000 persons. As nearly as possible, use natural geographics and historical boundaries to mark these communities. Give each community the power to initiate, decide, and execute the affairs that concern it closely: land use, housing, maintenance, streets, parks, police, schooling (Educating Kids), welfare, Neighborhood services. (Political Engagement)

At Population Density of 21k/sqmi, a Community Of 7000 would need 1/3sqmi. If it takes 20 Manhattan City Block-s to go 1mi (using the streets, not avenues), that's 400 square blocks per sqmi. So 1/3sqmi would be 133 sqblocks, or 11-12 blocks-squared. That seems too small, in terms of critical mass of people and activities: I'm leaning more toward the 15-Minute City.

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