Emergent Democracy

http://joi.ito.com/static/emergentdemocracy.html (Emergence)

http://www.socialtext.com/workspace/index.cgi?emergent_democracy (membership required)






Extreme Democracy http://extremedemocracy.com/ - edited by Mitch Ratcliffe and Jon Lebkowsky

Society Design thoughts on using technology to make Representative Democracy into Direct Democracy. Is this a good idea? http://www.deoxy.org/demorep.htm

The Minimal Compact, an Open Source global constitution.

Wealth Bondage's Happy Tutor retargets the Clue Train manifesto for democracy.

Perhaps the meta-issue, in both markets and democracies, are that large bureaucracies (BigCo, Big Government) are inherently anti-individualist, and that trying to change them is a waste of time - better to fight for getting them out of the way. (SmallWorld)

Of By And For http://www.ob4.org/ - Mitch Kapor, Joe Costello, Bart Decrem

Change For America http://www.changeforamerica.com Joe Trippi etc.

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