Society Design

It's hard to believe in Natural Law for me, just as it's hard to believe in anything else. So for the moment I perceive the supposed elements/conclusions from Natural Law to qualify as Game Rule rather than Absolute Truth.

One risk of this position is sliding into a values-free utilitarianism, where every design decision is based on (someone's) evaluation of gain/loss.

One counter to this is to posit that a society where everyone knows that they are at the whim of 3rd-party utilitarian calculations will exhibit certain unintended pathologies. So having limits on the scope of utilitarian decisions can reduce anxiety and irrational Game Playing.

So I call this "Game RuleUtilitarianism", meaning that you use util to define your stick/macro Rule Of Law-following Game Rule-s. You still need a Value to drive this, so I lean toward Progress, with Evolution as the messy process to maximize it. A Fractally Generative Pattern Language combines patterns at various scales to support that.

Instead of "socially responsible capitalism" or good work or "MorAl capitalism", I think I'm going to hack on the term Sustainable Capitalism.

Even nastier than in-a-vacuum Society Design is figuring out a Transition Plan, how to get from a real current messy design to the theoretical future design... (think Africa, Middle East).

See PhilJones:GameTheoryAndTheSocialContract about Ken Binmore's 2-vol book Game Theory And The Social Contract

(from a commenter)

Communism has been tried and it has failed!personal responsability is the only way to go forward.please research the mayflower compact around 1680.when we realie on others to produce to support us it is bound to FAIL!less government,more freedom ,and lower taxes will increase more proction. and more freedom for all.

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