Factory Schooling

Style of Schooling informed by the Industrial Age mindset.

The Anti Patterns that make me want School Reform:

  • standardization/monoculture: expecting every school (in the country) to work in a similar way, to continuously improve on increasingly-frequent Standardized Tests.
  • splitting up the Intertwingularity of the Real World into separate Subjects
  • including Subjects that might make sense in theory but in practice are completely useless for 90% of the students
  • fixing a daily schedule of short periods so there's no chance of Flow State
  • filling the Curriculum of each subject with a near-infinite pile of meaningless trivia: factoids without meaning, process/structure without Context/feedback (real-world feedback, not grading)
  • every class is essentially pass/fail, meaning everyone who doesn't fail gets moved on at the same time, and everyone who fails repeats all the same stuff again
  • splitting/grouping up students randomly by age rather than interest or ability

A big question is how much of this is a Side Effect of Compulsory Education?

Alternative: Generative Schooling

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