School Reform

changing process of Educating Kids

esp Top Down changes to Schooling

We've had 2 flavors available:

Note that

I think the only true/macro/meta School Reform that matters is School Choice, so that a Diversity of approaches are allowed.

  • Michael Strong: My goal is to liberate education so that thousands, or millions, of educational entrepreneurs can start whatever schools they please and thereby “Allow rich Diversity to play itself out.” But Seymour Papert does not at any point specify that we must break up the government school monopoly in order for this to take place. I’ve looked and have not found any written work in which he has endorsed any form of School Choice (let me know if he does so somewhere). Without allowing funding to follow the student, with as few restrictions as possible, School Reform IS impossible.
  • context: Fractally Generative Pattern Language
  • type of school I want to add to the mix: Product Oriented Unschooling.

How implement change?


Forces (esp related to School Reform - see Educating Kids for broader list)

Solution: One scenario - for College Prep

Solution: Acknowledge/embrace Non-College Prep track (Vo-Tech)

What about reform at the College Education level?

Key point: fewer people need a College Education (except for Signalling power, which is pretty ZeroSum at the society-level).

Have to do more thinking here.

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