For Hackers

For reasons I won't go into, I've been thinking about trying a little Meditation. I thought I'd look for something a bit longer than Robert Anton Wilson's recommendations, so I browsed some books. Blech, too much (anti-)intellectual baggage.

I bought Yoga ForWimps (ISBN:0715311611 ) because it was I thought some physical focus might help, and the Thin Book was a simple clean reference.

Then I remembered that I had read a message online somewhere about someone's friend considering writing a book called Religion ForSkeptics.

So I was thinking we need a Yoga ForSkeptics or a Meditation ForSkeptics book. And Semiotics, and Economics, and Sociol Ogy...

Then I thought, maybe that should be For Hackers instead. Because point isn't just to be questioning (Critical Thinking), but to be positively engaged and proactive. And the Hacker mindset needs to be spread... (update: think "RealityHacker")

What might some characteristics of such books be?

  • clear narrow intent, Context, relevance

  • emphasis on testable theories

  • recognition of uncertainties, alternative theories, etc.

  • use of operational language style, e.g. EPrime

A HowTo/DIY/Make Your Own item is a sub-type here. Not every For Hackers book has to be about how to do something.

There's potential for TV For Hackers.

Magazines For Hackers (besides the obvious)

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