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Supports OpenID

API http://developer.37signals.com/highrise/

High-RiseWidgets lets you create custom forms that post to your High-Rise acct. Hmm, can you link between them?

Integrating multi-org SaaS custom development into High-Rise

A client wants to build a unique way of looking at a contact list. Initially he doesn't feel the need to offer any CRM/SFA features at all. But eventually he'll want to. Is there a way to put the custom/core bits in his own app, then integrate into High-Rise for the standard action-oriented SFA features?

You'd want each custom-client-organization to have its own High-Rise account, to avoid any possibility of cross-bleed.

High-Rise lets you set individual contacts so that only the individual owner/user can see/edit it. So that's good.

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