Less-Bullshit Living

A Manifesto for Less-BullShit-Living: Like many, I’m a bit uncomfortable with the “minimalism” meme, because it feels like we get “Less Everything” and who wants that? I want MOAR.

What we have too much of is: Bullshit.

Bullshit is often a side-effect of Not Paying Attention, not considering your Choices, falling into Non-Player-Character (NPC) patterns.

You try to make a decent living, and all the sudden you realize that your job doesn’t matter, or is actually a drag on society.

You want your kids to have a backyard, and all the sudden you realize that your biggest non-job time commitments are commuting and household chores, and your biggest expenses are property taxes and car expenses and household maintenance. And your kids don’t use the backyard.

You want your kids to have opportunities to develop, and all the sudden you’re driving them to the hockey rink at 6am 5 days a week.

You want to “be informed”, and all the sudden you find you can’t remember any of what you read in the last week.

We each get to define the Meaning Of Life our own way. But regardless of how you define it, you won’t have much of it if your life/time/money/energy is all “spent” on Bullshit.

None of us can eliminate Bullshit from our lives. And it can seem like there’s no point in making an effort to have Less Bullshit, since what else were going to do with that time/money? But clearing out the underbrush is necessary to make room/air for the Stuff that Matters.

So just do the Simplest Thing.

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