Becoming A Reality Hacker

Becoming A Reality Hacker: individual-framed version of How To Raise Reality Hackers.

Elevator Pitch:

I am trying to show that life without certainty can be exhilarating, liberating, a great adventure. Robert Anton Wilson

While Civilization is a great technology, it's easy to fall into unthinking NPC patterns.

Financially, this is risky during an Economic Transition.

Aside from that, you might be feeling itchy about your life/future. "Is this how I want the next 50-100yrs to go?" There's a lot of depression, loneliness, etc. hitting vast swaths of people.

When you start recognizing that lots of your LifeScripts and GameRules are actually optional, you start to see more choices for a Personal Philosophy being available.

More, from different angle: What's A Reality Hacker And Why Would I Want My Kids To Be One?


from Fractally Generative Pattern Language

Generative Self-Improvement?

Imagine alternate futures: My 25-Year Vision Roles from Effective Entrepreneur process.

Alternatives To A College Degree, Making A Living, One Man Show, Life Style Company

Raising Kids: Lean Family, Free Range Kids, Alternatives To Traditional Family

Pick The Right Place To Live

Eight Circuit Model Of Consciousness, MindSet, talking, reading (esp sci-fi), writing, OmniVore

Program Or Be Programmed (see Digital Literacy for series of steps). Join a software Product Team.

Happy Body Is Happy Brain (Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed)

Convert your Consuming Passions Into Making

Don't Forget To Breathe, Don't Panic, AlwaysKnowWhereYourTowelIs

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