HyperLocal content-aggregator site by Steven Johnson http://outside.in/ Launched 2006, bought by AOL 2011.

Hmm, no RSS feed. Which I guess has to do with Business Model...

possible revenue streams

competitors (for traffic and revenue), or data source?

East Village seems dominated by just a couple blogs. I'd add myself but I don't write much that's really local-focused.

  • should they partner with others already getting geo data?
  • meta: how much of most people's writing is location-focused? Does that matter? Yes probably.
    • if you know general/static Zip Code for a writer, then you might be able to scrape content and look up capitalized phrases against a directory of Places (YellowPages?)...
  • maybe tie to events, scrape Calendar sites?

notes from Oct'2006

Steven Johnson has just launched OutsideIn, a GeoTag-based aggregator. Everything seems to point to stuff elsewhere, with apparently no commentary, just first-snippets. Some of the content seems to be auto-scraped, others submitted/tagged by humans.

I think a service like this will eventually need:

  • a way to filter ('or' query) on various tags defining your areas of interest
  • filter based on weights of interest and near-ness (we're not only interested in the HyperLocal)
  • maybe add a Social Network Context.

Does this really just become a GeoTag PipeLine feeding other apps?

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