Pirate Wheel

Model of the policies of the Pirate Party.

Pretty consistent with the Fractally Generative Pattern Language.

We start with the observation that everybody has become empowered in that everybody has been given a voice, and that this means that governments must shift from ruling with a suspicious eye to assuming good faith in people. From there, we outline eight principles: Privacy, Transparency, Ticks (Free exchange of Tools, Ideas, Culture, Knowledge, Sentiments), Humanism, Diversity, Resilience, Swarm Economy (Network Economy), and Quality Legislation (Good Government). These nine fundamentals — the hub of Empowerment and the eight spokes in the principles — comprise The Pirate Wheel, from which everything else can be derived.

==== Conclusions/Policies ====

Accountability: Privacy and Transparency lead to Accountability, a safe-guard against Corruption.

Info Freedom: Monopolies on the exchange of TICKS are abolished as conditions permit over time.

NoSecrets: Government works for the citizens. It is not allowed to hold secrets from its boss.

Rule Of Law: Applies equally to all. Society does not use selective enforcement.

Money Neutrality: The economy must be as decentralized and anonymous as possible.

Participation (Engagement): Everybody's participation is not only possible, but overwhelmingly positive.

Profit Motive: Evidence shows that profit motive is a good driver but that it can't go unchecked

Monopoly: Private monopolies are harmful. Public monopolies should limit to law, Infrastructure

Democracy: Privacy, Accountability, Transparency and Rule of Law are fundamental.

Copy Right Monopoly: Monopolies preventing creativity or sharing culture are abolished in entirety.

Patent Monopoly: Patent monopolies are abolished in their entirety, being a net loss.

Military Doctrine: Redesigned around the principle that nothing can or should be kept secret.

Citizen Data: When databasing citizens, it must be assumed that all will leak, be abused.

IT: All public IT is auditable, Free Software. WiFi wherever there is streetlighting.

Jobs: Foster Entrepreneurship and decentralization.

Energy: Uranium power replaced with thorium. Incentives for decentralized water, wind, solar (Smart Grid).

Taxes: Must be based on public and accessible data. Living space, VAT, pollution?

Transportation: Free Public Transport (Mass Transit). Optimize for transport of raw materials.

Anonymity: The last line of defense in privacy, demcracy, and whistle- blowing is right to be anon.

Police: Assume Good Faith. Privacy. Evidence Based.

Public Domain: While waiting for the copyright and patent monopolies to go, PD is strengthened.

Foreign Policy: Support development of these policies abroad. Transparent.

HealthCare: Anonymous, universal health- care. People own their records. Performance data.

Education: Use free knowledge, IT. Teacher is not authority. Foster swarmwork.

Net Neutrality: Everybody's an equal in terms of uplink capability. No paid-for fast lanes.

Social Security: Unconditional Basic income (Guaranteed Annual Income)

Sustainability (Sustainable): Renewable and safe energy. Tax Pollution. Foster solutions that avoid transport.

No Rent Seeking: Corporate Welfare is the antithesis of a Free Market.

Whistle Blowing: Strong whistleblower protection laws that make it illegal to search for Wbers.

Culture Subs(?): Anything produced with public funding, whole or in part, is Public Domain.

Government Data: All government-produced TICKS are free to use in any way (Public Domain).

Drugs: Harm Reduction. Evidence Based policy. (Not War On Drugs)

Universities: Publicly funded, and the results go back to the Public Domain.

Bank Reform: Follows from Money Neutrality, Resilience.

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