Play Long Games

Summary: focus on forward motion, don't get distracted/angry over small frictions.

Context: I have things I want to accomplish: My 25-Year Vision/Roles, Meaningful Life


  • daily life feels frustrating to me
    • sometimes as actual blockers to what I want to accomplish: people/systems working against my vision
    • sometimes as basic friction: Entitlement

Anti-Pattern1, Wrong-Solution; Outcomes

Anti-Pattern2, Wrong-Solution; Outcomes

Anti-Pattern3, Wrong-Solution; Outcomes


  • have coherent goals/vision for the future, daily/weekly plans for compounding progress
  • if an annoyance (like slow-driver) doesn't really block it, then chill out
  • if an annoyance is true friction but minorish (stupid mis-directed job meeting), then focus on what your outcome-in-the-moment should be, and don't let other things distract from that
  • if people are eating your schedule (Keep Up On Chores), try to re-claim your time with what's more important for you to do (change your organization)
  • keep it fun/playful

This covers just part of the nodes in my game-playing-mindset-session map

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