Product-Led Growth

When your business/product user growth is driven by product features, vs (mainly) purchased traffic or direct high-touch sales.

cf product-led, growth-hacking, viral marketing, AARRR, traction, product-market fit, hero's journey

Some methods I've used, broken down by AARRR

  • Acquistion (details controlled by marketing dept, I could just nudge)
  • Activation:
  • Retention
  • Referral
    • free public profile
    • opt-in feature to auto-tweet progress ("read 10 chapters of Huck Finn")
    • referral rewards
  • Revenue
    • freemium:
      • free newsletter
      • make "lite" versions of features, show value of "upgrade"
      • make some features just free-trial, become lower value ("you have a message") after expiration
    • drip campaigns for unpaid leads

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