Robot and related program-controlled toys: build or Hack.

Lego Mind Storms

Pico Cricket

dog FeralRobots

Robo Maid electrostatic cleaner

Robo Sapien (designed by Mark Tilden?)

BEAM robotics

Stiquito Controlled - book plus kit ISBN:0471488828

  • skills needed for kit: Tying thin metal wires into knots Cutting and sanding small lengths (4 mm) of aluminum tubing Threading the wire through the tubing Crimping the aluminum tubing with pliers Patiently following instructions. takes 2-4hrs

  • hmm, this seems blessed by some college programs, and has kits to move it upstream...

  • so I bought this for my 13-year-old nephew

hack Furby

hack BoogieBass

hack your Room Ba vacuum soon

high-tech kids toys from early 2005 - hackable?

Robot Village in NYC?

bigger scale: Survival Research Laboratories

info sources

Robot Magazine

Hobby Engineering

Gareth Branwyn: Absolute Beginners Guide ISBN:0789729717

  • list of must-have tools for the stuff in his book includes soldering iron, de-soldering pump, breadboard, jumper kit, etc.

Also refers to software Daemon-s

also human NPC

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