My Book Reading Process

2022 update: merged into My Digital Gardening Process

Sept'2015 update

(As of Apr'2012)

(See related 2007-04-25-ReadingMachineIWant.)

I almost never buy Printed Book-s anymore.

I buy almost all my EBook-s from Barnes And Noble. Then I run a script that converts it to DRM-free EPub. 2011-04-17-4HourBodyEpubGames

I copy/paste highlights (Excerpt) into a FlickNote (and can add my own notes there), which I synch to my Lap Top's Private Wiki. Then periodically I copy/paste a whole book-notes-page to a WikiLog page. 2012-03-29-FbreaderHighlightsControl

I also have FBReader on my Mobile. I have some "favorite" EBook-s on there, for the occasions when I don't have my Tablet. I also run the Kindle app there, so I can pull down one of my Amazon titles, too.

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