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reminds me of

  • David Brin's Earth - with people shooting video all the time and uploading it, in hopes that something would get "picked up"

  • Transparent Society

  • social-based Transcript writing bits at a time - start by tagging sections of video, etc.

scenario: Citizen Journalism: reporting on City Council meeting

  • shoot video (will they let you?)

  • note times of topic shifts

  • upload video with timing notes as tags

  • same person or other people can view video and write summaries or even transcripts of a chunk at a time (just what any given person is interested in) (Crowd Sourcing)

But it's really meant to be more "personal": more like FlickR than YouTube.

How many people are going to do this?

  • You want to think "well, it's the next medium" but is it ever going to be as convenient as a photo?

  • Doesn't it take forever to upload decent-quality video? Cell Phone-snaps should be much easier, but awfully low-res....

    • maybe that's the answer, just like Audio junkies can't stand MP3 but everyone else trades off quality for convenience. And with a video IPod, maybe everyone will get used to small-format versions?

      • except that this isn't the kind of things you tend to watch multiple times, or watch a lot of, so you're not going to bother transferring it after browsing to some other reader to use later. You're going to browser in real-time. So, since your IPod isn't the device for that browsing, 99% of the viewing will be on the computer screen, so resolution has to be sufficient to be, say, 1/4 screen-size without too much noise.
    • I wonder how easy it is to take, say, a mini-DVD from a Digital Video Camera and render it to lower-res before uploading...

It's hard to imagine this competing with YouTube and other big players. Is there anyone for them to Sell Out to?

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