Super Slow

Exercise program created by Ken Hutchins. An exercise protocol whereby the weight is lifted in approximately 10 seconds and lowered in five seconds. It is the protocol that best fits The Definition of Exercise, and is the protocol of choice for research, rehabilitation, bodybuilding and all general exercise. It can be used with any kind of resistance equipment: free weights, Nautilus or other machines, or calisthenics (dry land) exercises.

Adam Zickerman has a gym in NYC that works on this, and a mass-market book Power of 10 which includes it. Based on "3 pillars" of Physical Fitness:

  • exercise: Super Slow just 1-2 times/week

  • diet: good fats/carbs vs bad fats/carbs, plenty of protein. 6 meals/day (for him, 2-3 of those are protein shakes blech).

  • rest: get more sleep at night then you think you need, and use the time you save vs a typical exercise program to get real benefit (either a nap or something relaxing/enjoyable, don't just work more). Embracing Slow World.

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