Daemons are good or malevolent "supernatural beings between mortals and gods, such as inferior divinities and ghosts of dead heroes" (see Plato's Symposium). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daemon_(classical_mythology)

a computer program that runs in the background, rather than under the direct control of a user; they are usually initiated as background processes... The term was coined by the programmers of MIT's Project MAC. They took the name from Maxwells Demon, an imaginary being from a famous thought experiment that constantly works in the background, sorting molecules. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daemon_(computer_software)

also book by Daniel Suarez ISBN:0525951113 (followed by Freedom Tm ISBN:0525951571)

"Now combine an application like that - a widely distributed entity that never dies - with tens of millions of dollars and the ability to buy goods and services. It's answerable to no one and has no fear of punishement." "My God. It's a Corporation." (Virtual Company)

"The Great Diffusion has begun - an era when the Nation-State dissolves. Technology will cause this. As countries compete for markets the global economy, diffusion of high technology will accelerate. It will result in a diffusion of power. And diffusion of power will make countries an ineffective organizing principle. At first, marginal governments will fail (Failed State). Larger states will not be equipped to intercede effectively. These lawless regions will become breeding grounds for international crime and terrorism. Threats to centralized authority will multiply. Centralized power will be defenseless against these distributed threats. You have already experienced the leading edge of this wave... Distributed daemons are a foregone conclusion in the coming world. You should befriend this one. Because the next daemon might not be so friendly."

"The modern world is a highly efficient, precision machine. But that's its flaw - one wrench in the works and it all grinds to a halt. So what does our generation get? A culture of lies to hide weakness. Decreasing Freedom. All to conceal one simple fact: the assumptions upon which our Civilization is based are no longer valid." (Resilience)

"If the Daemon triumphs, tens of millions will die. If it fails, billions will die, and we will fall back to a seventeenth-century agrarian economy... The Daemon is a remorseless system for building a distributed civilization. A civilization that perpetually regenerates. One with no central authority." (Network Society)

from Freedom Tm:

Its lawyers claim that the Daemon has a constitutional right to exist under the precedent of Corporate Personhood.

Factions have a slang term for the General Public. They call them NPC-s - as in "non-player characters" - scripted bots with limited responses.

Millions of years ago this volcanic rock picked up water vapor when it crystallized from magma. That means it contains molecular hydrogen. When crushed into a powder, it seeps hydrogen at room temperature thorough its fracture surfaces for hundreds of hours - no liquid water required... These CR5 units will use Solar Power to chemically reenergize Carbon Dioxide into carbon monoxide and oxygen... the cobalt ferrite snatches oxygen from the CO2 as it cools, leaving behind carbon monoxide, which when we combine it with our hydrogen source, can be used to synthesize liquid Hydro Carbon fuels such as Methanol.

Holons are the geographic structure of the Dark Net. Any darknet community lies at the center of an economic radius of 100 miles for its key inputs and outputs (City Region?) - food, energy, health care, and building materials. A local economy that's as self-sufficient as possible while still being part of a cultural whole - a holon - thus creating a resilient civilization that has no central points of failure. And which through its very structure promotes democracy. Fractally Open Society

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