I'm interested in getting my first-grader exposed to the gestalt of modern scientific thinking - nonlinearity, dynamics, Emerg Ence, Complexity Theory, Evolut Ion, etc.

I don't have expectations of having specific skills acquired, just in getting a sense of the Wonders Of The Universe, etc.

I'd like to suggest resources to the science teacher in my kids school. I'm focused on a first-grader for the moment.

I suspect audio/visual/simulation is the way to go. Educational Technology

Though a good story can be helpful - e.g. the Hotel Infinity

Other SciFi resources:

Watch episodes of The Magic School Bus!

EduWeb has pieces on history, art, math, Engineer Ing, Econom Ics, etc.

Charles Eames Powers Of Ten film

Rudy Rucker's free gnarly software (FractAl, Cellular Automata, etc.)

Rudy Rucker's and John Walker's CelLab Cellular Automata software

I wonder whether the DOS software for Richard Dawkins' Blind Watchmaker runs well on Ms Windows? (Why isn't this Open Source by now?)

Stephen Wolfram's New Kind Of Science

Reviews of commercial science education software

IMACS runs After School programs in math (using formal-logic) and computer-science (using SchEme and LoGo!) - but no location near me.

DASH/FAST are science curricula developed at the University Of Hawaii (they run training programs for teachers). You can order teacher materials but they're not cheap! I think being "inquiry-based" puts them kinda in a SocratIc style...

Chemistry Set?

interesting tool - Inspiration Mind Mapping software for Inter Active White Board-s.

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