Apple Computer Lap Top I bought Jun'2011, to replace my 3.5yo MacBook. 2011-05-28-NewLaptopTime (more)

GeePawHill on Technical Debt and Culture: it seems to me that a very great deal of “agile” advice has an implicit prefix, “assuming your team is close to healthy,” you should... the assumption of reasonable health just – to put it as gently as i can manage – doesn’t seem like the sort of assumption we should be making. (Agile Software Development) (more)

book by Erik Dietrich ISBN:0692866809 - Different take on the Gervais Principle for (corporate) developers (pragmatists, idealists, opportunists). If you are one, and you think that learning another language/framework is moving your career forward, you need to read this book. (more)

Ron Jeffries: It came to pass that in those days, Kent Beck said that when he defined XP, he took some good practices and turned the dials up to eleven (WikiWikiWeb:GoesToEleven). Looking at the Agile Manifesto, it seems to me and to Chet Hendrickson that folks often don't even turn the dials up to seven... At some point, Chet mentioned Al Smith's saying that the cure for the evils of democracy is more democracy, and we suspect that the cure for the evils of "Dark Agile" would be more Real Agile™️. So what if we turned the dials to Twelve™️? (more)

Michael D. Hill has a series of TweetStorm-s about a RAMPS (Rhythm, Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose, and Safety) (Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose) model of Software Development team Motivation: make great software by making great teams. (more)

John Ohno: Small computing, artisanal computing. A computer is both an expression of our worldview (i.e., an art-work) and an extension of our mental space (like a journal, mood-board, scrapbook, sketchpad, or face). When it works, it’s an auxiliary brain lobe with a slow connection. The degree to which it functions as an extension of our mental space (outboard brain) is dependent on the degree to which it’s representative of our umwelt. (more)

John OhnoBot capitalism will fail. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding chat bots lately. I love bots, and usually I’m all for getting excited about the things I love, but I think the recent hype is very misguided. The reason is that the people contributing to the current hype bubble surrounding bots are not natural persons but corporate persons: they are excited about bots as products. (more)

Tiago Forte: The Story Behind Building a Second Brain. I first started taking notes on a computer at the age of 22, when I came down with a mysterious illness in college (more)

John Ohno: Guidelines for future hypertext systems. The web is merely the most popular of hundreds of earlier systems, most of which were technically superior. (more)

One Diagram To Mind Them All: Hyperspace in the 1970s. Earlier this year on 13 April, Tony Buzan, the inventor of the Mind Map, a world famous visual device for organizing thought and developing ideas, died at 76. (more)

John Ohno: The ideal chatbot is not a butler or a puppy, but an elder god (more)

Robin Sloan: Week 25, running a ladder factory. John August is a screenwriter (more)

VisakanVeerasamy: 'Smart Writing' is about cultivating taste, suspending judgement and chasing your curiosity. I saw someone tweet “I wish smart writing came to me as easily as dumb tweeting (Twitter)” — and so I am here to share my strategy for using the latter to precipitate the former (more)

Aaron Z Lewis: A mediocre Ribbonfarm starter guide. (more)


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