Our cat has been eating Fancy Feast as wet food since before we got him. He started on Classic-pate, now he eats more Grilled. (more)

Shriram Krishnamurthi has a long tweetstorm about NoCode systems. (more)

A product-development plan for a series of projects to be completed in a year. An Anti-Pattern. (more)

Traditional "management", even most software product management, is Industrial-Age Command-and-Control thinking that is net-negative for managing creatives. We need a re-framing of Agile Software Development with a business-building software Product Development mindset. Rapidly Iterative based on FeedBack. A bit post-Lean-Startup. (more)

a Pattern with negative consequences (more)

GeePawHill: MMMSS - A Closer Look at Steps. Today, let’s close in a little more on what "step" means to us. (more)

GeePaw Hill: Path-Focused Design. "Path-focused design", of stories, architecture, code, is design that understands that we can only reach a distant City on the Hill by taking one stride-limited shipping step at a time. (more)

GeePawHill: on Iterative User Value. We want our work to come in stories of about one team-day and a half, but that’s not much time, and we need to provide a steady flow of value to our users. (more)

A Ron Jeffries concept for agile product development: a very small idea, and one that is so solid that once you get it, you have it, and if you don’t get it, you don’t. We need ideas that are small, that can only be adopted as a whole, and when adopted, they make enough of a difference to stick. (more)

Leonard Richardson: "Writing Aliens", or, "Duchamp, Markov, Queneau: A Mostly Delightful Quilt" (more)

For some people, it simply means a Development Queue: product ideas in varying levels of thought-out-ness that we haven't done yet. (more)

Ron Jeffries: Strawberries Are Best When Small. We want to know ASAP whether whatever we’re doing is good or not so good. Short cycles. And, because we’re doing software, we want to know that about our software. We want that all the time, every day from beginning on, and every moment spent where the software is not good, or we don’t know how good it is, is a bad moment. (more)

a team (esp product team) that includes people performing all the functions necessary to deliver an increment. Should also have the Agility, Context, and Team Agency to do so.

A group, esp a product team that includes all the skills/roles necessary to Gets Things Done. Whole Team (more)

GeePaw Hill agile product development principle: take Many More Much Smaller Steps (more)

GeePawHill: MMMSS - The Pin-Making Floptimization. Today we’ll take up the pin-making floptimization. (more)

GeePawHill: MMMSS - The Shortest-Distance Floptimization. The counter-case to MMMSS is supposed to be a set of optimizations — ways around the odd disorderly-seeming path forced on us by stride-limits. They are compelling, these optimizations. But false. I call them "floptimizations". (more)

GeePawHill: MMMSS - The - Intrinsic Benefit of Steps. Imagine we’re at some point on our way to a horizon goal. There’s a fork in the road and we have three paths in front of us, all of which, we believe, will take us to that goal. (more)

GeePawHill: MMMSS - Many More Much Smaller Steps - First Sketch. The first plank of my take on fixing the trade is MMMSS: If you want more value faster, take Many More Much Smaller Steps. (more)


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