book by Martin Seligman, also one branch of the Positive Psychology movement (more)

Seeking: CTO/Chief Product Officer-type position in funded organization with entrepreneurial culture, in Chicago area. My value: accelerating business-changing product development. (more)

I like it as a battle cry, equivalent to Hack The Planet. (more)

Becoming A Reality Hacker: individual-framed version of How To Raise Reality Hackers. (more)

Combining Fractally Open Society, Generative, Worldview Roadmap, and ideas from a variety of existing Pattern Language-s. (more)

Unthinking pattern, instead of LifeStyle Design. Playing by other's GameRules. (more)

Alas, don't get there often, eat near Barrington Il. (more)

A not-fun thing. Esp the 2nd time. (more)

Ron Jeffries: Anti-Management? No, Different Management. Agile Software Development, as contemplated by the Agile Manifesto, isn’t anti-management. It’s much more radical than that: it’s a quite different approach to management. tweetstorm (more)

John Cutler: The (Messy) Shift to Starting Together. The transition to more mission driven, autonomous product teams is often characterized by an awkward period. Whereas before, teams were used to a prescriptive backlog of “things to do”, now it is very common to feel like you are in limbo. (more)

Ron Jeffries: Misconceptions about XP. First and foremost, XP is intended to be applied by thoughtful, thinking, human beings (more)

Visakan Veerasamy had some interesting tweets: it’s possible to take a long/extended view such that the bites (Twitter nuggets) constitute a much bigger web of threads. The platform definitely isn’t optimized for this but it’s very possible... How do you read books other than one word at a time? I think the difference is that books are discrete linear packages, while the web is continuous & omni-directional. Focus is a function of frame; books are pre-framed; operating in the web necessitates holding your own frame... Been reflecting on this for some time, this idea that the web destroys people’s ability to focus on something like reading a book. Sometimes I suspect people have it sort of backwards. Focusing on a single self-contained experience to me is sometimes kind of like eating baby food.. As I get older and my mind-palace gets larger and more comprehensive (with other people’s ideas) I get less & less casually-randomly interested in books written by other people. I am currently most intrigued by the books that exist only in my imagination; that’s my primary focus... I change frames a LOT – but because I keep track of a lot of them (my various twitter threads, for example), I can always go back and pick up where I left of, and over time this builds an immense, intricate extended-mind-palace. (more)

Tiago Forte: Introducing RandomNote Web. There is something being lost as we impose more and more order on our information: serendipity. The greatest breakthroughs usually come from connections (associative) that are unexpected, unusual, and unorthodox. (more)

arguments against Estimating (more)

In between Estimating and NoEstimates. (more)

Re-framing Agile Software Development with a business-creating software Product Development mindset. Rapidly Iterative based on FeedBack. Part of Strategic Agility. A bit post-Lean-Startup. My Product Development Process. (more)

John Cutler: On Being "Product Led". It does not mean being “product manager led”. Great products emerge from empowered, fully cross-functional teams. (more)


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Seeking: CTO/Chief Product Officer-type position in funded organization with entrepreneurial culture, in Chicago area. My value: accelerating business-changing product development.


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