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FaceBook CTO and platform guru Bret Taylor is leaving FaceBook this summer, Kara Swisher is reporting, off to do a startup with Google App Engine founder Kevin Gibbs.

Dec28'2012 update: Taylor's company has applied for a trademark on the word "Quip.".. Parse the legalese, and what you get is something that sounds a lot like Google Apps, or the Collaboration Ware and productivity tools offered by startups like BoxNet and AsaNa.

Jul'2013: They just launched Quip, an IOS Collaborative Writing app. This is meant to be the first piece of the productivity suite for the MobIle era... Quip is charging from the beginning, starting at $12 per month per user for groups of more than five.

Aug'2014 interview.

z2012-06-20- Taylor Leaving Facebook
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#01 DariusKazemi: TwitterBot etiquette

#02 A protest bot is a bot so specific you can’t mistake it for BullShit
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Transcript of Audrey Watters talk on "Convivial Tools in an Age of Surveillance" (EduTech).

The Personal Computer isn’t “personal” because it’s small and portable and sits on your desk at home (not just at work or at school). It’s “personal” because you pour yourself into it — your thoughts, your programming. And as a Construction Ist framework would tell us, a device like the DynaBook wouldn’t be so much about transmitting knowledge to a child but rather it would be about that child building and constructing her own knowledge on her own machine.

But as Seymour Papert wrote in his 1980 book Mind Storms, "In most contemporary educational situations where children come into contact with computers the computer is used to put children through their paces, to provide exercises of an appropriate level of difficulty, to provide feedback, and to dispense information. The computer programming the child.”

I’ve heard it suggested often that the World Wide Web is an example of what Ivan Illich called “convivial tools” — although his book predates the Web by 15+ years, Illich speaks of “learning webs” in Deschooling Society. I grow less and less certain that the Web is quite “it." But of this, I am: Education technology is not convivial.

z2014-11-13- Watters Convivial Edutech

Some WomEn, such as Caroline Criado Perez, who do anything visible, become targets of Verbal Abuse online from some men, esp via TwittEr (because of the combination of Asymmetric Follow with high public visibility).

In many cases this abuse goes as far as Threats Of Violence, including Rape.

There is often some DoxIng involved as well, which makes the threats more... threatening.

Many have called for a RedFlag process on TwittEr that would result in offenders having their accounts frozen.

I'm rather uncomfortable with that. While TwittEr is a private organization, the Oligop Oly of the Social Networking Eco System makes such blocking a DeFacto Censor Ship issue.

Alternatives? (these can be used in combination)

  • contacting the Police Department once true Fear is involved

  • reverse-DoxIng - identifying the culprit, letting his wife/mother know what he has said. (I'm not crazy about going to his Employer, as that seems to cross a different line.) (On the other-other-hand, posting about him in public, which might result in his Employer finding the info, is fine.)

  • some Reputation Management code to make such noise less visible, esp to the target

    • Yellow Flag messages from new accounts (or those with few followers), with some keyword filtering, and

      • don't email the target ("bob just mentioned you") or show it under "interactions"
      • don't have those tweets show up in searches of the target's handle (by the target, or by anyone?)
    • some sort of shareable-Black List (Web Of Trust) model which doesn't create a global Black List, but just a Black List used by the people who choose to use it. Not unlike apps that let you BoyCott certain businesses (in your purchasing or investing) that get flagged by some set of filters you pick from.

      • of course, this raises the Govern Ance question of who decides who's on a given Black List, and is there an appeals process, etc.

      • maybe each user creates her own Black List, and "subscribes" to any number of other people's Black List-s, and only ignores tweets from handles appearing on some number of those Black List-s...

Other ideas?

Nov'2014: Most Social Media companies prefer not to talk about their content-moderation systems, but last week Twitter divulged a few details... It’s easy to scoff at Sullivan’s fears about the coming reign of “leftist feminists,” but he’s right to suggest that Twitter’s new harassment protocol won’t be ideologically neutral. Censorship—even the kind of small-“c” censorship, without which no magazine or social-media platform or comedy club can endure—never is.

z2013-07-31- Filtering Abuse On Twitter And Others
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Thirty7 Signals made some big changes to their Splash Page which significantly increased their conversions (ABTest). Oddly, by the time they posted this info, they had undone the biggest change (running everything together into a single "Long Sales Letter")! I Commented.

z2011-07-22- Highrise Splashpage Abtest

JimWebb says he's running for Us President. He sought to carve out a niche for himself by working for criminal justice reform, but left office before any political momentum developed on the issue. And then he left, after one term, leaving Democrats to defend a purple seat against Allen.

z2014-11-20- Webb Running For President
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I gave a weird talk to some Barrington Il Prairie Middle School 8th graders about life as an Internet StartUp CTO. I used a FreeMind MindMap for my talk: the Mind Meister version is here. Turned into a whole World View thing, of course.

Nov'2011 update: looks like I'll be doing it again. Need to think about whether/how to change to:

  • emphasize One Man Show/Life Style Company aspect

  • include more demo/activity?

  • using Mind Meister directly to avoid any projector hassles

  • Jan19'2012 update: doing it today, haven't made any big structure changes, but still tweaking. Would it be better to hand out pitchforks and torches, or Owsley tabs?
z2011-01-19- Internet Startup Cto Talk Kids

Zainab Oni (High School student) learned about becoming a Reality Hacker from MozIlla's programs. We learned that hacking doesn't only happen with computers. You can hack clothes, games, decorations, styles, etc. We also learned that hacking isn't always illegal and you can hack for good sometimes. After learning more about hacking, our hacking definitions changed. We also hacked Monopoly and Tic Tac Toe by creating our own set of rules for the games and inventing new ways to play them. (Digital Literacy)

z2012-02-01- Oni Becoming A Hacker
Digital Literacy

Barack Obama made a recess appointment of Dr. Donald Berwick to head CMS. Berwick is a big proponent of "Patient Centered Medicine", which sounds like a good thing. The Science Based Medicine crowd fears that his Consumer Ist approach supports quackery like the AntiVax and CAM crowd. His presence at a Summit On Integrative Medicine confirms that fear. He mentioned homeopathy and acupuncture, not to criticize them as health claims, but only to warn that they shouldn’t compete with each other, or with other modalities, for limited health care resources... As an aside, it’s ironic that Berwick leans toward Single Payer health care. His radical “I want what I want when I want it” model of patient centeredness could never function in any conceivable form of single payer care in the U.S.

z2010-07-19- Obama Berwick Cms Appoint Alt Med Issue
Ernesto Sirolli

The Gates Foundation is giving a $200 million grant to establish an initiative called "The Grand Challenge-s in Global Health." The objectives are to identify (Public Health) research areas with the greatest promise for saving and improving lives in the developing world (Third World); to fund novel, interdisciplinary approaches among researchers seeking solutions; and to get the rich-world scientific community to apply its experience to pivotal health questions of the developing world... It's tragic how little is spent on MalarIa and TB (tuberculosis), but it's not surprising: 99% of sufferers live in developing countries.

Reason Mag supports this.

z2003-01-27- Bill Gates World Health
Software Forge

Chris Locke pulls a quote from Paul Feyerabend's Against Method (anarchistic theory of knowledge/science): However Anarch Ism, as it has been practised in the past and as it is being practised today by an ever increasing number of people has features I am not prepared to support. It cares little for human lives and human Happi Ness (except for the lives and the happiness of those who belong to some special Core Group); and it contains precisely the kind of Puritanical dedication and seriousness which I detest... It is for these reasons that I now prefer to use the term DadaIsm... A DadaIst (DaDa) is convinced that a worthwhile life will arise only when we start taking things lightly and when we remove from our speech the profound but already putrid meanings it has accumulated over the centuries...

Against Method

After having it torrented, Rick Falkvinge is releasing his Swarm Wise book, offering lessons from the Pirate Party, in pieces online. (cf MoveMent, SwarmIng, Coalit Ion, Virtual Company)

Somewhere today, a loose-knit group of activists who are having fun is dropkicking a rich, established organization so hard they are making heads spin. Rich and resourceful organizations are used to living by the golden rule — “those with the gold make the rules.” New ways of organizing go beyond just breaking the old rules into downright shredding them — leaving executives in the dust, wondering how that band of poor, ragtag, disorganized activists could possibly have beaten their rich, well-structured organization.

A swarm organization is a decentralized, collaborative effort of volunteers that looks like a hierarchical, traditional organization from the outside. It is built by a small core of people that construct a scaffolding of go-to people, enabling a large number of volunteers to cooperate on a common goal (Shared Mission) in quantities of people not possible before the net was available.

z2013-08-15- Falkvinge Swarmwise Book Pirate Party

JimGroom wants students to host their own WebLog-as-PLE at their own DoMain. He has made this point before.

Mike Caulfield has a post about the same (DoMain as Digital Identity) issue.

Jul'2012 update by JonUdell. The domain focus has gotten a "Domain Of Ones Own" framing.

  • Nov'2012: the Domain Of Ones Own group will be fully funded moving forward! This is huge for our group on a few counts: 1) it includes a half-time position that can help us get fully staffed again, 2) it illustrates the administration at UMW is fully committed to supporting the work we are doing (all the way up to president Hurley), and 3) we don’t have to beg, steal and borrow to make Domain of One’s Own happen. We’ve been so used to doing things on a shoestring budget that it’s bizarre that we actually have the funding to run Domain of One’s Own for the next five years, with some space for custom development, a half-time position, etc.

Apr'2013 update: The way we were talking about it, a version of Martin Hawksey’s open courseware would be an option in the resources part of the wizard to allow any domain (or node) to also become a hub by installing a push-button (M)OOC-in-a-Box (MOOC) (which can also become its own hub) or push a button and have a DS106 framework, Commons In A Box, etc, and a community there to support you as well. How sick would that be? And with the possibilities of collaboratively creating, coding, and forking on GitHub, we could actually manage all this well. Think about it, a service that actually empowered people to experiment with various technologies created within a specific context on their own domain for the price of a url and cheap hosting—this is UMW’s BlueHost experiment writ large, and it has legs.

Jul'2013: they're expanding this FramIng to Reclaim Hosting, providing free/supported web hosting to professors at any university willing to pay for the DoMain for each student.

z2010-09-13- Groom Ple Student Control
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Jerry Michalski gave a great talk on School Ing's "Hidden Curricul Um".

See also this piece of embracing Abund Ance in Educat Ion.

z2012-06-07- Michalski School Hidden Curriculum
Common Mark
planning to scrap it?

My Intro Blurb:

This is the publicly-readable WikiLog Thinking Space of Bill Seitz (a Product Manager and CTO).

My Calling: to accelerate Evolut Ion by increasing FreeDom and Opportunity and AgenCy for many people via DAndD of Thinking Tools (software and Games To Play) that increase the LeverAge of Free Agent-s and smaller groups (Small World).

See Intro Page for space-related goals, status, etc.; or WikiNode for more terse summary info.

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