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Bruce Hoffman on Dealing With Terrorism through love/sex/marriage. Systematically identifying the most attractive young Palestin Ian women they could find, they put before these women what they hoped would be an irresistible proposition: Your fatherland needs you... So approximately a hundred of these beautiful young women were brought to Beirut. There, in a sort of PLO version of a college mixer, boy met girl, boy fell in love with girl, boy would, it was hoped, marry girl. There was an additional incentive, designed to facilitate not just amorous connections but long-lasting relationships. The hundred or so Black Septemberists were told that if they married these women, they would be paid $3,000; given an apartment in Beirut with a gas stove, a refrigerator, and a television; and employed by the PLO in some nonviolent capacity. Any of these couples that had a baby within a year would be rewarded with an additional $5,000... without exception the Black Septemberists fell in love, got married, settled down, and in most cases started a family... not one of them would agree to travel abroad, for fear of being arrested and losing all that they had—that is, being deprived of their wives and children.

The authorities in Northern Ireland, for example, pursued a somewhat similar strategy during the years before the current IRA cease-fire.

z2001-12-15- Love Vs Terrorism
Hernando De Soto

Hernando De Soto on Dealing With Terrorism (from Jan'03). Yet Mr de Soto is not one of those economists who thinks that the key to capitalism's success is to protect existing, legally established Property Rights, come what may. On the contrary, he argues that Capital Ism will thrive, and overcome threats such as terrorism, only if legal systems change so that most of the people feel that the law is on their side. Creating this sense of inclusion requires many things, including marketing the idea aggressively to the poor. But one of the best symbols of change is a mass programme of giving full legal protection to the de facto property rights that are observed informally by the (typically poor) people now living beyond the formal law... His then boss, the then-president, Alberto Fujimori, and the army agreed to recognise the farmers' informal MilitIa-s, grant them land titles and decriminalise the growing of coca; Mr de Soto even got the elder George H W Bush to support this strategy, in exchange only for a signed pledge from farmers that they would begin a programme of crop conversion away from coca. This certainly undermined support for the Shining Path.

z2003-08-02- De Soto Terrorism

Curtis White on Dealing With Terrorism, quoting heavily from Paul Virilio's PureWar: These technological "prostheses" are, for Virilio, completely alienating. And yet they are at the heart of what our involvement in the Middle East is really about. The relation of past, present and future wars in the area are all too clearly related to our automobiles. But the car is only part of what our "sacred Life Style" involves. I've been wondering lately what would happen if you could call these issues to consciousness and resolve them through a democratic and political process... At that point it became luminously clear to me that this machine was training me (Program Or Be Programmed). And so I concluded by thinking, "What habits of mind are required in order to live in accord with my car, my television, and my computer? And are these new habits of mind good or bad things?... Fortunately, Virilio does offer an alternative and a way of confronting the present madness, but it is a strategy of resistance that is addressed not only to the Taliban but also to our own techno-military state. What he offers is this: a pacifism that works religiously in that it returns us to our "identity as mortal beings." One of the most revealing news clips I've heard since September 11 was an analysis of "ConsumEr confidence" that pointed out that one of the hindrances to a return to normal by American consumers was precisely that the destruction and death involved in the World Trade Center had turned people away from the superficial Happi Ness of consumption and had made them all too aware of their human vulnerability. The destruction of the World Trade Center turned people toward marriage, church and commitment to others. That turn, oddly enough, is what Virilio sees as the beginning of the internal dissolution of the empire of Pure War and the religious fanaticism it has empowered. The Soviet Union was not confronted and defeated; it was dissolved internally by its failure to provide for the human needs of its own citizens (and I'm not talking about the need for television sets and satellite hookups). Perhaps it is such a spiritual turn that can undo the grip of the military, the technocrats and the multinational vision of the New World Order.

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Today, GrockIt introduces LearnIst which it describes as “a way for anyone to share what they know” and which I’m sure every tech blogger, myself included, will use the “P Interest for education” comparison.

In many ways, the launch of Learnist marks a substantial PivOt for Grockit, which does say it will continue to offer its test prep services but will focus primarily on the social learning aspects of its new site as it moves forward.

But Learnist isn’t really that big a pivot for Grockit if you’ve ever spent time with founder Farbood Nivi, who’s always far more interested in talking about social learning than about SAT scores. And despite the Adaptive Learning engine that underlies Grockit’s test prep offerings, the company has always stressed “people” over “algorithms.” (Educational Technology, Learning Object)

Jul'2013 update: they've sold the original test-prep business to Kaplan.

z2012-05-28- Grockit Pivots Into Learnist
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