Y C Research — Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator’s nonprofit research lab — today announced its latest initiative, a broad-minded effort called the Human Advancement Research Community, or HARC. The project stems from a conversation between Y Combinator president Sam Altman and the legendary computer scientist AlanKay.

In our increasingly interconnected world, every individual’s actions can affect billions of others in complex and invisible ways. We believe every individual must have access to technologies that allow them to build their own understanding of the world and its systems in order to act conscientiously, responsibly, and effectively, both as individuals and in collaboration with others.

We are focusing on areas where we believe the structures created today will have the most impact on the future, and that can most benefit from having dedicated resources outside the for-profit world. At the moment, these areas include programming languages, interfaces, education, and virtual reality.

In partnership with InfoSys and SAP, HARC is starting with 20 of the top researchers in fields related to human learning and understanding, many of whom previously worked in SAP’s Communications Design Group. They include Principal Investigators (in alphabetical order): ViHart, Dan Ingalls, John Maloney, Yoshiki Ohshima, Bret Victor, and Alex Warth. HARC will be chaired by Patrick Scaglia, who has spent his career leading similar long-term research initiatives. Alan Kay and Patrick will jointly contribute to the group’s strategic vision. Chris Clark will run the group operationally (along with YCR’s other groups).

Whoa, big Augmenting Human Intellect play. Surely they need a Product Manager!

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SAP, the German business-software stalwart that’s been struggling to catch up in cloud services, is trying to follow the PARC model... Over the past year, SAP has also recruited about 20 polymathic technologists and designers from the fringes of Silicon Valley and academia. The company is funding its new hires’ pet projects and leaving them alone to experiment, says head recruiter AlanKay, a computer scientist who pioneered Xerox PARC’s graphical interface technology in the 1970s. Although it’s unclear how products from the Communications Design Group will mesh with SAP’s portfolio of office software, Kay says that’s kind of the point... Bret Victor, a former Apple designer, has spent much of the past five years developing software that lets scientists simulate the shifts and changes of complex systems using interactive graphics instead of equations. ViHart, a self-styled “recreational mathemusician,” is working with artist-programmer Andrea Hawksley on an SAP-backed virtual-reality startup, EleVR. Mathematician and coder Toby Schachman is building a program called Shadershop that lets people structure software by drawing it instead of writing out the code... “Innovation is expensive because it’s product-driven,” he says, “but invention is just 20 to 40 people exploring odd things.”

May26: AlanKay on the process: Kay lived it: he was (and is) a computer scientist, professional musician, designer, educator, and artist all in one. Kay thrived in PARC's blue-sky R&D environment; he occupied similar littoral zones between art and tech at Apple Advanced Technology Group, DisNey's Imagineering division, and HP's Advanced Software Research Team. Kay has also tried to help companies re-bottle the lightning that crackled within Xerox PARC during his tenure there. It usually doesn't work. The reason? "It’s either so antithetical to the corporate culture that nobody really wants it," Kay told me, "or [they] want to monetize everything.".. Xerox PARC and CDG are like collective Mac Arthur Grant-s. You’re not funding individuals, you’re putting together a community... The way to get something [out of it] that’s relevant to a company like Xerox or SAP is to set up a ConText so that the free thinking of these people is more often than not going to be about something of concern to the company.

CDG's GitHub account

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Really enjoyed Pando Land, though not sure I learned anything actionable...

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Went to a Product Management MeetUp about Complex Ity in the Product Port Folio (Product Management)

  • Stephen Wilson, consultant with books (old one 2009, new coming September) 0071639136 http://www.complexitycosts.com/

  • mixing complexity and complicatedness
  • 3 varieties product, process, and organization
  • typically grows exponentially (Super Linear) with increase in products, Best Practices Check List-s, committees, etc. (OverHead)

  • worse than Pareto: 20% of products make 300% of profit, the rest Lose
  • benefits are local, costs are distributed: commons/pollution
  • slowing growth
  • substitutability opposite of cannibalization - dropping products doesn't lose 100% of that revenue
    • even applies to big sellers (top 100)
  • square root costing: allocate complexity cost to smaller products by using square-root of revenue ratio, instead of straight-line ratio. This isn't perfect, but Good Enough, much more practical than Activity Based Costing

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2015 XEP http://xmpp.org/exte nsions/xep-0332.html

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