Interactive EBook tool-maker.


Brad Neuberg started working there in 2010. Left in 2014.

Feb'2013: making their tools free for everyone. MacInnis is convinced that the next step is illustrated: Textbooks, travel guides, cookbooks, how-to books, and so on. And it’s this area, he believes, where Inkling β€” not Amazon β€” will dominate... EBook-s can immediately be published to IPad [and now the IPhone] and the Web in HTML5, with updates pushed to both platforms at once... Multiple groups can collaborate on the content simultaneously, so a production editor in New York City can look at the same project as a designer in India, simultaneously.” Starting Tuesday, publishers using the platform can also export their books as EPub files.

May'2014: Laid off 25% of staff to drop consumer/retail business and focus on Enterprise (Job Training) market.

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