Republican Party

the US Political Party of Ronald Reagan, George H W Bush, George W Bush, Strom Thurmond, Trent Lott, etc.

Republican National Convention In Nyc - 2004

Some theories on why the Republicans are winning elections

Because liberals talk down to "average" people, who thus resent them.

Because liberals loudly champion practices (and more importantly, the public acceptance of those practices) (e.g. Flag Burning, "art" combining jesus and piss", etc.) that the average person doesn't like. (He might be willing to ignore them if they were happening quietly somewhere else, but if it comes to a "public" vote, he's against it.)

Because people are willing to trade lots of Freedom for a little (perceived) Security. (That's more about why the Libertarian-s lose, not the Democrats, who just make that trade on different parameters.)

Andrew Rasiej says Democrats are addicted to money and addicted to failed incumbents.

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