(2012-03-06) Dash Public Vs Private Space Online Vs Real World

Anil Dash notes the failure of the "POPS" model in NYC to create truly Public Space-s. He then makes the analogy to online spaces, e.g. Social Networking (FaceBook) and MicroBlogging (Twitter) services. But his conclusion is that we should challenge the big networks to actually change their policies to make some of our shared online spaces truly public. I Commented: isn't that the equivalent of challenging private building owners/developers to make their POPS spaces truly public, ergo a likely-to-fail approach?

See previous 2009-07-13-HeathcoteUrbanRetail

Also, I think it's worth noting that even City Park-s may fail his test, considering how the NYPD has been treating Occupy Wall Street folks no matter where they are/go.

What are some approaches we could take?

Aug31 update: MetaFilter thread on physical POPS.

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