Platform As A Service

Like SaaS, but oriented toward Managed Hosting of a particular FrameWork (Web App Framework? Stack?), with automated setup and deployment

  • pick selection of servers (Application Server, Database Server)
  • deploying SQL structure migrations
  • pulling appropriate/latest set of code from VCS
  • putting up appropriate error message while deployment happens

Does Amazon Web Services count, or really the services like Engine Yard and Heroku that are built on top of it? The latter, but Amazon has added Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

Does Google App Engine count?

RackSpace Cloud?

Soft Layer Cloud Layer?

Related? Cloud Computing, IOS

options for PHP

Vm Ware Cloud Foundry 2011-11-22-[[Cloud Foundry]]

RedHat Open Shift

Private PaaS using Mongrel-2 and ZeroMQ:

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