HTC Android Mobile I use as Aug'2012

Launched Apr'2012

I bought Aug'2012 2012-08-25-UpgradingToHtcOneS

May28'2013: just discovered update to Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean).

Jul'2013: announced they would stop updating. Never updated past Android 4.1.1. Despite customer campaign to get them to change their mind.

  • that's barely a year after release the phone!
  • I'll certainly think twice before every buying another HTC product.

Feb16'2015: argh suddenly power button is flaky (as in, rarely works).

  • sometimes seems like it will work once when I pick it up, then not work for awhile again.
  • maybe just needs some blowing out?
  • Took off the back - pressing little power button directly has same failure-rate. Rank hand-vacuum over it, poked around edges of internal button with toothpick, etc. No difference.
  • Going to install "Shake Screen On Off FREE" app
    • of course, since making that decision, I can't get it turned on at all!
    • phew, finally got it awake, then installed app. Works!
  • but what's permanent solution?
    • bah, I've never been really happy with this phone, and it's 2.5yrs old, so time to replace...
  • Nexus5? I like pure-Android
    • and better (esp value) than Nexus Six?
    • on the other hand it seems to have some problems, plus it's already 1-1/2 years old.
    • T-Mobile will sell me pre-owned for $330
    • Can buy online for ~$250 from EBay, or pay more at swappa.
    • Google Play should have a new one for $350, but they're "out of inventory"
      • Google had them a couple weeks ago.
  • or IPhone-6? 2013-05-01-AndroidGroupMessagingBroken
  • options to decide from

Feb20 Outcome: bought the Nexus Six.

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