(2022-08-16) BetaWorks Render Tools for Thinking

BetaWorks (John Borthwick is hosting an event today in NYC: From the documenting software on the earliest PCs to modern tools like Roam Research, software's paramount value has been in providing people leverage in not just their productivity, but also their thinking. For this edition of Render, we'll be exploring new advancements in the space with some of its brightest entrepreneurs and contributors. Across two days of programming, we'll be taking tours of new projects, learning about knowledge graphs as public resources, discussing recent advancements in AI and ML in understanding semantic meaning of ideas, and of course sharing with one another how we use these tools ourselves. Join us as we explore the past, present, and future of tools for thinking. (Tools for Thought) I'll attend virtually.

Jess Martin, Jerry Michalski, Gordon Brander, Linus Lee, others will be there in-person.

cf recent 2022-08-04) Marks The Quest For A Memex

The discussion of AI/ML/semantic-woo was one trigger for me adding some notes about the manual process of Digital Gardening.

Some pages

No central backchannel! But some folks are tweeting with hashtag https://twitter.com/hashtag/ToolsForThinking?src=hashtag_click&f=live

intro: Neel Baronia

  • app? Plexus?
  • scribes
  • ThinkCamp accelerator

John Borthwick, JerryMichalski

ReadWise guys: Daniel Doyon, Tristin Homsi

  • started as kindle highlights
  • what happened to EverNote
    • didn't get multi-player right
    • got distracted with junk
  • funding models?
  • Anki for Writing?
    • yes, re-viewing your own draft-chunks
    • key is habit of writing! not the tool!
  • audio content
    • podcast → notes
      • ReadWise has text-to-speech which many love
      • auto-transcript
      • Audible as closed format
      • ebook DRM also an issue
      • also issue that people are usually multi-tasking when listening, so less focus
    • audio-thought-capture
      • auto-transcript
  • apps landscape
    • people will start to mix/match apps for different needs?
  • open standards would be nice
    • hypothes.is
  • ReadWise reading app
  • Give users (like Roam) jinja templates for export

Gordon Brander

Jerry Michalski interviewing Howard Rheingold

demo: Plexus - Davey Morse

  • https://plexus.earth/
  • what should normal humans be moving forward?
  • mental/health, career, relationships, etc.
  • connections between people is crucial

demo: Alice Albrecht: ReCollect

demo: Jerrys Brain

  • can pick a note to go to the left, or above, or below
    • Jerry has his own patterns/rules
  • he hasn't read every article he adds
    • but still richly connects
  • share some Opinions
  • (used Prezi until recently)

demo: Linus Lee (no actual product to demo)

  • sentence gradients
  • put our thoughts into a space, generate variations/interpolations

demo: Readwise Reader

Esther Dyson and Jerry Michalski

  • (missed a chunk)
  • broad/actionable instructions vs hyper-specific
  • Lexon https://meetlexon.com/ What if smart-contracts could be written in plain English? Lexon is a first of it’s kind programming language (smart contract) that can be written by legal professionals as easily as they write traditional contracts. More importantly they can be read and enforced by a judge.
  • does technology make us stupid?
  • trust

Others' notes

Jess, in particular, inspired me to create NodeWeb-2030 page.

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