Virtual ThinkingSpace

Idea of a Virtual Reality-based ThinkingSpace. Goal: Augmenting Human Intellect.

As your collection of SenseMaking nodes gets bigger and bushier, trying to manage it on a flat screen is a problem.

So put them in a virtual space surrounding you.

See: WikiGraph Browser/Everything is a Graph, Webs Of Thinkers And Thoughts, Highlighting And Annotating.

Multi-user aspects (to be dug through later): WikiWebDialogue; ThinkerWeb

Technology inspirations: 2014-11-05-D3jsForThreadedChatHolocene, Minority Report/2011-12-19-RaoTabletTouchTinkerUi, 2014-04-23-BrowserWindowGroupsOrSpaces

Some usage patterns

Each "node" is an icon/object floating in space around you.

  • a node (document) is really a collection of nodes (NodeWeb)

Zooming in to a node to read, highlight.

Visible connections between nodes ("Beautiful Mind" yarn)

"Group" set of nodes so they "stay close" to each other. (You can make any number of them, and strengthen/weaken their grouping at any moment based on your context.)

bad example

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