Post-Authentic Happiness Framing by Martin Seligman. He says the title, Authentic Happiness, was forced on him by his publisher. “I actually detest the word happiness, which is so overused that it has become almost meaningless”. He now believes that “WellBeing”, not happiness, should be the central focus of positive psychology. In terms of well-being theory, the goal of Positive Psychology is to increase the amount of flourishing in your own life and in the lives of others. And Flourishing’s five elements (using the acronym, PERMA) are

So his Apr'2011 book is called Flourish ISBN:1439190755 (Flourishing)

Aug'2012: Jay Cross is also aiming for this target. Well-Being is the umbrella term for leading a satisfying, healthy, productive happy existence. It’s the magic that makes life worth living. Well-being encompasses happiness, but also meaningful relationships with others, progress toward a purpose greater than one’s self, engagement in work, and continuous improvement.

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