Web Outliner built by Dave Winer and Kyle Shank.

ServerLess - JavaScript that talks to a subfolder of your Drop Box.

  • Hey, Tiddly Wiki can't do a local save! (esp in Android)
  • Someone at some time thought an operation was too powerful, that it could be abused, so they made it illegal. But they didn't close off the ability to call a server to do it for us, so we effectively can do anything we need to do. A great example of that is the way Drop Box allows Fargo to save to the local File System. This is something we're not supposed to be able to do. But we're doing it anyway. And nothing is breaking as far as I can tell. We're inside a very simple easy to understand sandbox, a sub-folder of the Dropbox folder. And in addition to being able to write to the local file system, we get cross-device synchronization (DataSynch) for free.



Saves as OPML, of course.

Uses Mark Down for in-node styling.

Share (read-only) via Reader http://reader.smallpicture.com/

There's a server-side called Trex written in JavaScript http://docs.fargo.io/contentManagement/trex/

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