Being able to

Most software supports this only among people sharing a single server.

Competing with MsExchange

Some existing calendar-sharing technologies to investigate:

I'd like to see someone build standalone servers and clients for this, rather than extending existing complementary products (EMail clients, PIM apps, etc.) so that people don't have to change those other apps to gain calendaring support. Likewise, make it platform-independent to maximize market: Ms Windows client support is key. Even a hosted WebApp might be OK...

There are standards in play: VCal is a format for data about an event, ICal (not the Apple software) is for the full event lifecycle transactions, but isn't final (I'm not sure how close to final it is...)

User Stories to support: (need to describe how to accomplish these with Ms Outlook without using Ms Exchange)

Aside from the technical issues, there are tricky usage issues, esp. in an increasingly networked Free Agent economy. Do you accurately block out travel time in your calendar?

<b>phpicalendar</b> --2003/11/18 15:15 GMT<br> Just want to point you to a very nice ics calendar viewer phpicalendar:

<b>Experiment design</b> --Bill Seitz, 2004/02/20 21:29 GMT<br> Using YaHoo and Ms Outlook (which I don't normally use)

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