need to try and assemble some of my political/philosophical World View stuff together into some context... I'm giving up logic/proof for the moment and just trying to mix-master these things to tie them together (hmm, Diagram Of Effects?). Let's call the below "Claims".

Engage Ment:

Evolut Ion:


Maybe I need to write a Pattern Language! :)

Or maybe I need to focus on Action Able mentality: Games To Play.

Market Economy, Open Society (Fractally Open Society)

Small World vs BigWorld

OrganIc, Emerg Ence, Complex Ity

Two Cultures, New Economy, Red Vs Blue, DAndD

Un Schooling

We had a kinda stable understandable CultUre (Tribal Ism). But it's been in increasing flux since the Enlighten Ment. We've increased FreeDom, but at the price of Commun Ity. The answer now isn't to go back, but to go forward toward models that help us get Commun Ity with FreeDom.

Conflict among humans is made worse by combining increasing Divers Ity of CultUre while too Tightly Coupled ("shared" political power, schools, etc.).

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