The "best" public Search Engine of the moment.

Mission: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

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Phases of success:

Has a Web Services API. One idea I had for this: a group-of-sites metasearch. If there's a small number of sites you "trust" for information, you could run a number of searches, each constrained to a single member of that group using the 'site:' feature, then combine the results. (Heh, this became Google Coop.)

Now owns BlogGer. And runs AdWords network. Becoming a new Mono Culture?

integration via GData API?


People (as of 2009?)

Apr'2011 ReOrg - z2011-04-08-PageDoesMajorGoogleReorg

Some senior-execs (besides the Gang Of Three):

Other players:

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